Kevin Read

One of our two CEOs and co-founder. After years working as an IT guy, programmer, product marketing researcher and author, Kevin finished his master's in Computational Visualistics in Koblenz, Germany - where he also worked at the Artificial Intelligence lab and did multiple stints at Robocup. He began focusing on mobile and web apps, coding full-stack; from real-time search through layers of UI.

Having discovered that the „human side“ of computing is the most surprising and fun, he joined forces with us to bring you Om7Sense. When not at work Kevin can be found at, on or under the sea.

John Read

Our second CEO and co-founder. John has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. At Digital Equipment, where he was over 10 years, he had leading positions in both HW and SW departments and was finally responsible for the marketing group for the network business unit until it was sold to cabletron, where he continued as Director of Marketing.

As one of the directors of Topik Business Services GmbH, based in Munich, Germany, he supported manufacturers wishing to enter the German market as easily but effectively as possible.

He can look back on many years experience in the networking infrastructure market in various management positions and strategic marketing in the IT area. This expertise, combined with good HW and SW knowledge, led him to the idea and ultimately to the realisation of Om7Sense.

Sven Read

Co-founder and our designer. Previously Lead Designer at a major financial information provider, where he led the design of key initiatives across major products. He loves designing thoughtful interfaces, creating pleasing experiences and evolving products. Prototyping in and producing standards compliant, efficient markup is part of his everyday workflow.

He has a serious infatuation with typography (especially web typography) and created a couple little tools that hopefully make the world a better place, typographically speaking.

Bernhard Riedl

Our finance, research and marketing guy. Prior to co-founding Om7Sense, Bernhard worked as Freelance User Experience Researcher, Consultant and Project Manager with a focus on strategy in Hamburg, Germany. He helped large international and national companies succeed and grow in the digital age. Always finding the best solutions through human-centered thinking, sound research and industry specific knowledge in software, internet and eCommerce. To reach this goal he loves digging deep and unifying technology, human needs and strategy, to build and optimize business models around future innovations.

After studying and working in Regensburg and Cologne, Germany, Vienna, Austria and Barcelona, Spain, he earned degrees in Information Science (M.A.) and and Digital Media Studies (B.A.). Being a language and music geek he speaks various languages, loves all things international, as well as making and enjoying music in all its flavours.

Falco Henkel

Our General Counsel and co-founder of Om7Sense. Certified Specialist Lawyer in IT and Media Law.

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