What else is there to know

Easy to use & clear UI

All connected PDUs and other devices will be detected and set up automatically. You can see their vital data summarized on the main page, updated in real time. Important changes will be called out to you.

Flexible & Powerful

Om7Sense will give you the overview over your data at all times. Our dashboard works from a laptop, smart phone or tablet and will adapt to your device.

Fast & Efficient

We value your time and place great importance on UX. Access any device with a single click. And since storage space also doesn't come for free we only store and transmit changes in data so you can get the most up-to-date information even with little bandwidth.

Secure & Modular

The software architecture is based on the newest industry standard (Internet of Things, M2M) to provide the best security and modularity. Needless to say we support HTTPS and TLS (for e-mails). All configuration is stored encrypted on the device as well for highest integrity.